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Celebration -
Day Three of Five

Thanks for visiting. It's twenty years since I first went online and we're excited to release our new site. Late last week we shared the first ever yoga MasterClass (click here to watch my trailer) and this week we've got more exciting opportunities to share with you. 

Each day we'll have a focus, which may be totally new, or gathered from our most popular products.  Remember, each offer will only be available for 24 hours, so if there's something you've been wanting, but the time wasn't quite right before, the value incentive may help you say yes to begin or extend a pathway of shared inquiry. 

Yoga for Lower Back Pain Course

covers the anatomy and kinesiology of the sacroiliac joints in detail. Donna also unpacks some of the key ways in which yoga practitioners gradually, yet unknowingly erode SIJ stability through spinal and femoral leveraging. You’ll learn a progressive protocol for first relieving pain and discomfort in the sacroiliac joints and lower back, then strengthening and balancing the pelvis to be able to support more challenging movements such as twists.

A key concept of this course is learning to “resist rotation before you express it”, so that by video four you’ll be offered some conservative strategies for expanding your practice to include these movements.

Finally, Donna looks at some of the poor biomechanics and outdated “alignment” instructions that have caused so many yoga practitioners to become members of the SIJ club so that you can steer your way clear of approaches that undermine pelvic and lower back health.

You may have seen this course offered before but it wasn't right for you then, or you could find yourself more interested because you are experiencing discomfort you haven't managed to shift.

This might be the time to take the next step with the price cut by 30% from the normal US$347 - until 9 am NZST tomorrow morning. This course is one of our most popular because the issue is so common. 



Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement


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Key Course Benefits

Lifetime access

You can take advantage of the technology and learn at your own pace without ever feeling pressured. Rewind, pause or fast forward to the relevant section you want to study more deeply.

Qualifies for 13 non-contact hours of professional development

This course qualifies for ...

-13 non-contact CEU hours with Yoga Alliance or 

-13 APD hours with the International Association of Yoga Therapists

Flexible Learning Increases Retention

Enjoy the flexibility of online learning which studies show not only saves you 40-60% of the time required to attend live classes but also enhances retention by 25-60%.