Art of Asana 

Art of Asana

For fifteen years, from 1988-2003, Donna was writing full length feature articles for Yoga Journal and Yoga International USA. These articles represent an era when Yoga philosophy and explanation of the physical practices were masterfully woven into a single fabric.

Each posture is carefully instructed with insightful tips for ease of practice as well as clearly shown correct and incorrect positioning. Demonstrated with refinement and poise, these easy-to-follow columns will expand your understanding of the art of asana and continue to inspire and motivate your personal practice for years to come. Each article includes a “New Insights” addendum written to incorporate variations as well as therapeutic applications that Donna has learned since she wrote the original articles.

In addition, there are five curated feature articles including: how to move with your breath, understanding human developmental movement patterns, becoming a better student and working sensitively with a partner.

There’s just under 200 pages of material, with scans of the original photos, and new photos to ensure the recent insights are clearly demonstrated.

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