Art of Teaching-subscription 

Art of Teaching-subscription

US$247.00 / month for 7 months

This is the payment plan for Art of Teaching.  Seven monthly payments of USD265.

There are thousands of yoga teacher training programs throughout the world. Most are heavy on content and light on the art and technique of delivery.  The Art of Teaching is for teachers, young and old, beginning and experienced, who wish to radically hone their ability to teach with clarity of purpose and to provide their students with captivating learning experiences.

As a post-lineage pioneer, Donna has been at the forefront of generating a new model for practicing and teaching Yoga that goes beyond prescriptive methods and heralds a return to Yoga as a path of self-inquiry.  In this bi-monthly practice, discourse and discussion, Donna will share the defining principles of her model for teaching and how this can be used as a template to revolutionize your practice and instruction.  Together we’ll explore the nature of a personal practice and how the teacher’s self-nourishment and deepening perception can provide embodied resources for teaching from a place of deep authenticity.  She’ll expand on how to progressively lay the foundation for fostering inquiry-based learning–creating the context to increase the student’s capacity to investigate, deduct, adapt and evolve based on their unique life and journey.

Registration for this course is now open, but is limited so we can work with a fixed cohort of people as they progress through the course. Click the button below to learn more.


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