Beyond Methods: Yoga as Self-Inquiry

In 2018, I launched a new intensive: “Coming to Our Senses” intended to deepen people’s connection to their own inner perception. People come to my intensives with backgrounds in a multiplicity of traditions, methods, and styles of Yoga practice.  In the context of this work, we allow these teachings to become latent resources that can rise to serve the moment when needed, or retreat into the background when not.  For many people, the set structures and constraints of idealized forms impedes the process of listening to the “breaking news” of the body.  This breaking news tells us what is happening at all levels of embodiment, that is, physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually and what might be necessary for restoring balance.  Over the course of several days, I try to provide inquiries and practices that increase kinesthetic and interoceptive awareness, moving from structured offerings to where the practice is guided from within.  ​

Donna has a unique presence and creates a wonderful sense of community filled with knowledge and room for exploration and true honesty. There are not enough words to describe these days.

~ Ingrid Sarcide (Oslo)

Donna’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and her dedication to the study of functional and safe movement keep me coming back to her intensives. Donna has an exquisite eloquence in articulating the depth of Yoga inquiry, which continues to inspire me to be the best and kindest of Yoga teachers.

~ Rebecca Sullivan (Australia)

Donna is a revolutionary teacher.

~Kathryn Varley (UK)

I found every day incredibly interesting and could immediately see how useful it would be for my practice into the future. I feel inspired, motivated, changed by the whole experience. My yoga has been transformed. My mind has been transformed. Amazing!

~ Pamela Asai (Australia)

Donna’s knowledge of the body and support for spinal health is extraordinary and her ability to translate this knowledge for the non-specialist is an eye opener.

~ Pema Clark (UK)

Contemporary and ancient wisdom shared with warmth, clarity, and Donna Farhi’s unique point of view; a transformational experience.

~ Sam Mills (London)

Spending time in the company of a woman with such poise, grace, wisdom, and intelligence was an honour and the knowledge I gained is transformational.

~ Delia Gallagher (Scotland)

Donna shares passionately, generously and intelligently from the wealth of her own experiences and understandings. Through her careful and skillful demonstrations of the hard-earned understandings she weaves a soft and solid blanket of safety. This is where one can find threads and start weaving our own yogic carpet.

~ Annete Dyvi (Oslo)

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