Workshop #5 Back Bending with Ease: Developmental Support (Part One) 

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Workshop #5 Back Bending with Ease: Developmental Support (Part One)


This two hour 15 minute workshop is pre-recorded.

Includes a bonus pdf resource booklet and a recorded Q&A video (approx 20 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.

We do not want money to be the reason why you do not study with Donna. If you are in genuine hardship please click here to send an email with your request for access to this training at a reduced rate.

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To maintain a graceful posture throughout our lives we need to do a little extension every day to counter the tendency of the spine to progressively become more rounded or kyphotic.

While a little spinal extension is good, deep and repetitive back bending can compromise the integrity of the spine.

What we do need is regular, gentle and easeful extension that maintains the fluid uprightness of the spine and keeps the spine strong for sitting, standing and moving.

In this workshop we’ll explore the underlying support of a human developmental movement pattern in creating ease during spinal extension.

Donna would like to assure all participants that she herself has limited extension of her spine and is more interested in helping you learn how to safely and enjoyably extend your back than in entertaining (or injuring you) with extreme back bending postures.

You will come away from this clinic with invaluable tools for both correcting imbalances of the spine and improving postural alignment.

All ages and abilities welcome.