Ready, Set, Slow – A Stay-At-Home Retreat 

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Ready, Set, Slow – A Stay-At-Home Retreat


Attending a retreat is a chance to reignite our yoga practice, refresh our spirits, and reset our lives on a course that feels more balanced and sustainable. But what can we do when leaving home is neither wise nor possible?  Together, we’ll bring the atmosphere of a retreat into each of our individual homes, consciously setting aside the day for self-care and self-renewal.

There are three videos:

~ Self-care and self-renewal practices with Donna (2hr:24min)

~ Ayurvedic cooking discussion with Donna (49 min)

~ For the love of rest with Karla (1hr:51min)

The recordings will be available for 90 days.

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Your home retreat will begin with a 2 hour 24 minute yoga class led by Donna designed to gently enliven the body and calm the mind and emotions.

Because a key part of self-care is nutrition, in the next session, Donna discusses the preparation of an Ayurvedic Kitchari, sharing her two favorite recipes: one for warm summer conditions and one for cooler climes.   You can download both recipes for and there are some bonus recipes for side dishes to tempt your taste buds, so you can finish your retreat day fully prepared for a nourishing dinner.

In the last session, Karla Brodie, guides you through a series of Restorative Yoga postures with handy hints for custom tailoring each practice to create ambrosial comfort.