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April 17

Combining Authenticity, Joy and Peace 

The next course begins September 15, 2021* (NZT)

Over the years, many yoga teachers have told me they felt their practice and teaching had become “mechanical”, or even that they felt pressured to teach in a way that goes against their integrity.

As a teacher who has been teaching for almost 40 years, my heart went out to them.

They were dedicated. All the “content” of yoga was at the center of their practice. However, something was missing. Something critical to their success and to their experience of peace and joy in yoga: The process and technique of teaching that is, the delivery.

In addition to continuing my practice and international teaching commitments I have spent five years developing The Art of Teaching. This program gives teachers the resources, techniques and approaches they need to fully realize their own potential and that of their students through shared-inquiry. It radically hones teachers’ ability to teach with clarity of purpose and their ability to experience delight in the teaching process and provide their students with captivating learning in an atmosphere of friendship.

Conducted over 7 months and 14 sessions, The Art of Teaching begins on May 5th for the first virtual cohort. Attend the classes at a time and pace that suits you, and take advantage of opportunities for live engagement, discussion and question and answer sessions, at the time-zone friendly scheduled livestream events.

The Art of Teaching: Curriculum overview

To view the full curriculum click here

Module One: Pedagogy & Practice

2 month course/4 sessions

~ Pedagogic Model: A Fancy Word for Knowing Your Teaching Strategy

~ Personal Practice as Somatic Memory Bank

Module Two: Development & Delivery

2 month course/4 sessions

~ Developing Class Material

~ Refining Delivery

Module Three: The Power of Presence & Healthy Boundaries

1 month course/2 sessions

~ The Dynamics of Connection While Practicing Self-Care

Plus a bonus session on: The Ethics of Money

Module Four: The Thinking Teacher

2 months/ 4 sessions

~ Becoming a Deductive Teacher

~ Mastering the Art of Repatterning: Offering New Choices Through Touch

Plus: additional sessions, discourses, and questions and answers sessions.

Continuing Education Credits:

- Yoga Alliance, 50 hours CE

- Yoga New Zealand & Yoga Australia: 30 hours CPD

* There will be no partial attendance for The Art of Teaching. We are committed to providing the very best cumulative learning experience and do not want the quality of discussion and live webinars with Donna to be diminished by having participants who have not attended foundation modules.


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