Deepening Interoception

Empowerment Through Interoception

5 Sessions Minimum requirement - 1 year of personal practice

About this course

This is a recorded workshop.

Most historic Yoga lineages and methods have relied on models for teaching that are hard wired to ensure the student’s dependence upon the teacher as the ultimate (and sometimes only) point of reference. This pedagogic model has persisted within contemporary Yoga styles with new yoga hybrids simply filtered through the same archaic lens. Encapsulated in the phrase “Simon Says”, teachers are trained to deliver authoritative instruction with students striving to obediently replicate a posture or practice. This makes for students who become passive recipients of information rather than active participants engaged in shared inquiry and adaptive learning. This externally referenced model for teaching can gradually erode people’s ability to access and trust their own perception, kinesthesia and interoception. Donna will explore the conscious steps teachers can make to create a context for students to become adept at investigating, deducting, adapting and evolving their yoga practice. We will learn about the conditions that foster people’s ability to perceive, process and integrate the signals from within their bodies. Not only can this approach yield exceptional results for students; crossing the bridge from Simon Says to Self-Sovereignty teaching can make teaching a satisfying lifelong career.

All people enrolled in the course are encouraged to review the bonus 1-hour keynote address “Empowering People Through Interoception”. This gives an overview of the material covered in the course.

Each session will include an introductory lecture followed by a guided experiential practice intended to model shared-inquiry pedagogy. The experiential part of each session may include sitting meditation, Body Weather Reading, guided movement inquiry, and both active and passive gentle yoga practice. There will be time at the end of each session for questions and answers. 

Course Structure

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A New Pedagogy For Teaching Yoga

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Rules Versus Principles

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From Giving Answers To Posing Questions

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Using Templates For Kinesthetic Learning

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