Workshop #2 From Inertia to Energy: When You Can’t Get Off the Floor 

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Workshop #2 From Inertia to Energy: When You Can’t Get Off the Floor


This two hour 30 minute workshop is pre-recorded.

Includes bonus pdf resource material and Q&A section (approx 30 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.

We do not want money to be the reason why you do not study with Donna. If you are in genuine hardship please email with your request for access to this training at a reduced rate.

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This is what Nature can teach us:

To fall,

patiently to trust our heaviness.

even a bird has to do that

before she can fly.

~ Rilke, The Book of Hours II.16

As we collectively face the challenges that COVID-19 have brought into our lives, many of us are experiencing a deep sense of fatigue that may have been just under the surface for quite some time: suppressed and supplanted by the grinding need to be perpetually productive. This physical lethargy may also be accompanied by feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety.

In this workshop, international teacher and writer Donna Farhi will share some strategies for accepting where we are and using this as a steppingstone to gently lure ourselves out of inertia. Instead of abandoning practice altogether, we can relish the soothing support of the ground and how the body is wisely attempting to downshift into the parasympathetic nervous system to build new resources. Our time on the floor will focus on increasing circulation and vitality through gradually freeing up tension in the neck, shoulders and spine. We’ll utilize gentle asanas, spinal oscillation and twists, as well as longer stays in supported Restorative postures, completing our time together with the profoundly relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra.

Please be ready for the workshop:

• Note paper and pen

• yoga mat, 3 blankets, 1 bolster, block and yoga belt, a thin hand towel and 3 rubber bands, folding chair or dining room chair.