Workshop #1 Embodying “Yield”: Aligning the Body with Ground, Gravity and Space 

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Workshop #1 Embodying “Yield”: Aligning the Body with Ground, Gravity and Space


This two hour 30 minute workshop is pre-recorded.

Includes bonus pdf resource material and Q&A section (approx 30 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.

We do not want money to be the reason why you do not study with Donna. If you are in genuine hardship please email with your request for access to this training.

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How surely gravity’s law,

strong as an ocean current,

takes hold of even the smallest thing

and pulls it toward the heart of the world.

~ Rilke, The Book of Hours II.16

In this workshop international teacher and writer Donna Farhi will take you on an experiential extravaganza combining poetry, brief lecture, and 1-1/2 hour gentle asana practice finishing with deep relaxation.

What conditions need to be present for the body to breathe effortlessly and to move with graceful ease? When we align ourselves with the support of the earth through learning to yield we can utilize the force of gravity to our advantage, creating an effortless “self-renewing” quality to sitting, standing and moving. Breathing unfolds as a natural consequence of this relationship of trust: trust in ourselves and trust in nature.

Embodying yield also helps us to downshift out of the upward/outward trajectory of the fight, flight or freeze response back into the grounded support of our parasympathetic and enteric nervous system. In doing so we can restore a sense of relaxation and resilience during a time when many of us feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

This workshop is an unusual opportunity to gain access to Donna’s teaching in a short-form format.

Please be ready for the workshop:

• Note paper and pen

• yoga mat, 3 blankets, 1 bolster, block and yoga belt, folding chair or dining room chair.